I'm a professional tarot reader with a day job as a chef. I went to school for photography and art. (you can follow my photography here http://www.eyeem.com/u/Pinchinggata) Some hobbies of mine are jewelry making, singing and playing guitar, reading, adventuring, gaming, and things of that nature. Oh! and I am going to move onto a farm soon to get further in touch with this beautiful world we live in.

I love to talk to people. ^-^

This is my blog/collection of things that inspire me or encourage me to think.

Sun in Pisces/Moon in Scorpio/Year of the Snake.....yeah I'm pretty emotionally intense, not to mention psychically inclined. ;)

I am 25 and currently living in Portland, Oregon.
I was born and raised off the grid in the beautiful American SW. There i was introduced as a young girl to a friend of the family who happened to be a powerful medium and wonderful tarot reader. After I expressed my interest
to her (and waited until I was old enough) she gave me lessons from ages 13-21. I have been reading professionally for four years.

I offer spiritual counseling services with the tarot. I am available in the Portland area or on Skype. (Also for parties!) I offer free quick readings if you are comfortable with them being posted publicly as a learning tool. Please tell me beforehand if you wish to be kept anonymous. Thanks for stopping by!
Ask me anything